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Personal Loan

 Personal Loan:  You are welcome to step into the bank for loans to be used for any purpose by mortgaging your land and building.

Other Features:
Collateral for product.
At least 8 feet wide, motorable access/or goreto,ghoreto path access.
Free of guthi or mohi
Far from high tension line
Third Party Collateral-not acceptable
Interest Rate
As published by the Bank in media time to time
Pricing and Charges
Loan Processing Fees/Service Charge taken up front.
0.5 - 2% of loan amount
Documentation Fee:
Rs. 500 to 2000
Prepayment Criteria
2% of loan outstanding in case of Part Payment, loan take over or settled before servicing of installments.
Valuation Charge
0.2% of Fair Market Value or minimum NPR 5,000/- whichever is higher and NPR 1,500/- per progress report incase of construction loan.
Insurance of the mortgaged building with Fire, ES, RSD, MD & Terrorism risk coverage (if any)
Penal charge
2% of total loan outstanding for the defaulted period.
CIC Charge
NPR 250/- per page on actual basis.
Mortgage/Rokka cost:
On actual basis based on loan size and location of property to be mortgaged.