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Normal Saving

 Normal Saving  : Savings deposit accounts are meant for those individuals who have a habit of saving money from their earnings so that they can use it when they require. The Accountholders to withdraw the money as and when they need it. However for your own convenience, it would be better if you inform the bank prior to your presenting the cheque over the counter for bulk cash withdrawals. The bank will provide you with a cheque book for withdrawal of cash. Interest rates in savings accounts are subject to change depending on the market conditions. Bank will provide Pass Book as well as statements of transactions on your demand from  our branches. We open  savings deposit accounts in Nepali Rupee.      The product has the following features:

  • Anywhere branch banking service (ABBS): Free of charge
  • Account Statement: Free of charge
  • Stop Payment: Free of charge
  • Good for Payment: Free of charge
  • Free cheque book issuance
  • Free Pass Book issuance